Ok; I said that the next update would be in May and it's now July. Such is life.

Now that we stand on the precipice of the possibility for there to actually be new DeLoreans, it requires a few key components:
  • The lawsuit over the "DeLorean" name and "DMC" logo.
  • What drivetrain will they use?
  • Will it use the same DeLorean frame?
  • What will the car cost?
  • Will this hurt the existing DeLoreans?

The most important parts of the legal requirements are a modern engine that meets emissions standards, that it must be an exact body replica, and that the rights must be licensed if not abandoned.

What engine is used will completely dictate the feel, layout, and construction of the car.

The stipulation that it must be an exact body replica means that, since recreating DeLorean panels seems unfeasible, it will have to draw from the existing supply of stock panels and means that up to 500 of each panel will be used per year; drastically reducing the number available.

With the fate of the legal rights to the DeLorean name and DMC logo still unknown, this is anyone's guess.